Hongri Gu



Self-folding soft-robotic chains with reconfigurable shapes and functionalities
Hongri Gu, Marino Möckli , Claas Ehmke, Minsoo Kim, Matthias Wieland , Simon Moser , Clemens Bechinger, Quentin Boehler, and Bradley J. Nelson
Nature Communications, 2023
Artificial Microtubules for Rapid and Collective Transport of Magnetic Microcargoes
Hongri Gu, Emre Hanedan , Quentin Boehler, Tian-Yun Huang, Arnold J. T. M. Mathijssen , and Bradley J. Nelson
Nature Machine Intelligence, 2022
Magnetically Active Cardiac Patches as an Untethered, Non‐Blood Contacting Ventricular Assist Device
Advanced Science, 2020
Magnetic Cilia Carpets with Programmable Metachronal Waves
Nature Communications, 2020
Magnetic Quadrupole Assemblies with Arbitrary Shapes and Magnetizations
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